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The SOL System is a company and a healing package I have developed really by accident. In early 2012 I came to the realization that one of my callings in life is to heal women. I received that information intuitively. Around the same time, my usual passion for reading and studying life brought me to a subject that really resonated with me. I learned that people all around the world, thousands of years ago, used yoga, meditation, and sex all in a systematic way to channel their energy toward creating their life in the way that they chose to. They used different combinations of these elements and called it different names depending on what region they were in, but the basic concepts remained the same. I didn’t know anyone in my lifetime who was living the kind of life that I read about these ancient people living but I set the intention to find someone who could teach me about this.

In July of 2012 I was blessed to meet Master Yao Nyamekye Morris who is the founder of the Grand Trine program. The Grand Trine is a Tantra system, based on four of these ancient Tantra systems. Tantra meaning a systematic way of expanding one’s consciousness through the harnessing of sexual energy. Master Yao gave me my foundation as a healer. However it has been my pleasure to study from several masters in a short span of time. Give thanx for technology giving us access to people from all over the world in such convenient ways. As I have experimented with incorporating all the things I have learned into the foundation I received from Master Yao, my work has evolved into something unique. It doesn’t fully resemble any one healing system or modality that is currently in existence. So I have been inspired to give it a new name, The SOL System.

The SOL System combines life coaching, massage, and energy healing with the goal of helping our clients to experience “Bliss ~~ In The Now”. We use the Sun as a metaphor for what we strive to become. Sol, of course, means “sun” in Latin. The sun is a ball of light that fuels itself through a process called fusion. It gives life, light, and warmth to everything within its sphere of influence and no matter what, day in and day out, it continues to maintain its energy and shine. We desire for our clients to be able to maintain their light and their energy, no matter what circumstances may come their way. We desire for our clients to have an unshakable joy and inner peace that allows them to shine their light on everyone who comes into their sphere of influence. We equip our clients with the tools to do just that.

SOL is also an acronym for “science of life”. What that means is that our system pulls from “everything under the sun”. We don’t limit ourselves to just one tradition or one school of thought or one healing modality. We dedicate ourselves to studying any form of healing that can be effective and we tailor every session to the specific needs of each client based on our vast set of tools. This allows us to help our clients heal from virtually any ailment or dis-ease be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Our work is sensual, but there is no sexual intercourse. The act of sex is not necessary. But we do desire to stimulate the sexual energy so that we can harness the power of that energy and channel it into uprooting our beliefs and habits that are unhealthy and replacing them with with beliefs and habits that are healthy. When people have a desire to overcome a bad habit or a negative pattern and they are unable to do so it is because they don’t have enough energy available to power them through that change. It is similar to an athlete who desires to run a race — if you don’t have enough carbohydrates available that the body can convert into glucose then your muscles won’t last long enough to finish the race strong. Sexual energy is the most powerful  energy source we have readily available to us without using drugs or chemicals. When we have a healthy relationship with our sexual energy then we can pull from that source to fuel us through any changes we desire to make.

The key part of this work is done by removing blockages in the energy body. The human body can be thought of as divided into two parts, the physical body and the energy body. The physical body has organs and glands with arteries, veins, and nerve pathways connecting all of these things. The energy body has chakras or energy centers and connecting pathways as well. Just as your arteries can get clogged, your energy channels can get clogged and congested as well. When this happens, the energy cannot flow properly and it has dire effects on your personality as well as your physical body. Energy healing can correct these issues.

— Adrian “MJ” Jami


Our sessions do not have a predetermined time limit. Each session consists of counseling/coaching, massage, and energy projection, at minimum. Different clients may require different treatments, which will be determined by the healer and the client, in the moment. Clients should allow at least two hours of free time for the session. Clients should also be prepared to remove their outer clothing, for the massage and energy healing. Towels and/or sarongs will be provided for cover.

Our services are $120 per session. We recommend that clients have at least three sessions in order to fully get the benefit of the work. The rates become cheaper for those who book more than one session at a time.

1 session = $120

3 sessions = $300

5 sessions = $450


“We go through a lot. Sometimes we go through more than we realize. Receiving table work from MJ has helped me release trauma that was not at the forefront of my consciousness. I forgot about the pain of the past but my body did not and it has been bad for my libido and caused control issues in my relationships. I have been able to release trauma, pain from the past, and negative thought patterns around sex through orgasm on the table. This has made my life path easier to walk. I can walk with more grace and genuine joy. I’m inspired to live fully in my body, which is a continuation of the healing process for me. Each session holds a powerful breakthrough. I’ve never had healing that was so effective yet felt so good to receive.” – L.B.

“Working with MJ has been an absolutely extraordinary experience!!! I was unfamiliar with Tantra energy healing and very skeptical about how this holistic practice could help me. Working with the SOL System has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself in quite some time. Currently, I am working with MJ and two of his consultants. Each of them have a different area of expertise which has benefited me greatly on this journey toward personal growth and self discovery. During the counseling and energy sessions, I have had breakthroughs in my personal and professional life. Also, the healers share their knowledge and resources which I find most helpful. The SOL System is helping me to reach a goal I once thought was unattainable…living life blissfully.” Q.F.

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