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Crime Pays

Freddie Gibbs: “Crime Pays”

So I’ve been thinking about how the whole federal government of the United States is a criminal enterprise.

One of the things that put this on my mind is the recent news about Nancy Pelosi and her insider stock trading. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made a shit-ton of money in the stock market; and it just so happens that her job allows her to have access to information about the value of various companies before the general public does. Isn’t that interesting?

But it’s not just Nancy. A whole lot of people in Congress caked up at the beginning of the pandemic. When they were going on tv everyday and saying that the coronavirus wasn’t a big deal and it would all blow over soon and folks should just keep going to work. They were also selling stocks that they knew would dive because of the pandemic and buying stocks in companies that would have a profit boom because of the pandemic. Isn’t that interesting?

And it’s not just legislators. The Federal Reserve just announced new rules that ban officials from owning individual stocks and bonds after two of their top officials got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and were forced to resign.

But the crime goes way beyond just cheating the financial system. Did you know that Adolf Hitler and the German Nazis were heavily influenced by the United States? They had a goal to take over a whole continent by violent force, killing millions of people, and setting up a legal system of oppression for those that are left. The United States provided the perfect example for them to follow. The European settlers came to this continent and killed and/or enslaved tens of millions of people in order to establish their dominance from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific, and beyond. They’re still killing people by the hundreds of thousands all over the world in order to protect their stolen goods. They are the biggest criminal enterprise that the world has ever known. And they will do anything to keep from having to atone for their crimes.

This is what came to mind for me when I saw social media talking about the recent January 6th anniversary. A whole bunch of people from all walks of life talking about this threat to “our” “democracy.” I don’t know who the fuck “our” is, because whoever it is it ain’t never applied to me or my people. And the idea that this is a democracy is the world’s worst joke. From the very beginning, the Constitution that people love so much established a whole lot more people who couldn’t vote than people who could vote. And even after MY people fought for decades to get the right to vote for EVERYONE, there is still the two-party system which really amounts to only one choice, the electoral college, the filibuster, gerrymandering, the Supreme Court, unlimited corporate money in elections, and other tactics that ensure that the will of the people will not be reflected by the elected officials.

No matter how expensive their suits are or how clear their diction is, this country is run by gangsters. The whole so-called democracy is a charade, a show. The only caveat to that is that the closer you get to the people, the more possible it is for the people to exert some real control over the system. On a city or county level or maybe even the state, it is very much possible for organized people to get together and force the game to go in our favor. Because it is technically a majority-rules system. That’s a flaw that they accidentally installed in their scheme.

But on the federal level, at the very top of this system, no matter whether it’s the legislative branch or executive or judicial, they all know that it is organized crime. Even if an individual isn’t personally involved in the crime, they know what it is, and if they never speak up against it then they are complicit. So we shouldn’t fall for the okey-doke. We should view them, and deal with them, like the criminals they are.

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