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Prince the Tantra Man


The Prince Rogers Nelson that we all know and love was one of the world’s foremost proponents and examples of sacred sexuality.

As a 19 year old, Prince recorded his debut album. There were a couple of things that were peculiar about this 1978 album. One thing is that Prince played every instrument that is heard on the album. Guitar. Drums. Bass. Piano. Another peculiarity about the album was the inclusion of a song called “Soft And Wet,” an homage to his lover’s gushy place and its power over him. This very young man possessed artistic abilities that were mind-blowing, and he had a level of comfort with his own sexuality that was unique even in the Free Love era of the 70’s.

Prince would go on to show his virtuoso levels of musical genius on at least one album per year for well over a decade. And on every album he showed us more and more about how his sexuality and his spirituality were one and the same. In one of his greatest songs, 1987’s “Adore”, he talks about receiving approval from the Hosts of Heaven for his sexual adventures:

“When we be making love/ I only hear the sounds/ Heavenly angels crying up above/ Tears of joy pouring down on us/ They know we need each other.”

Sex to him was part of a spiritual life. The God that he worshiped wants us to have passionate-slow-intense-Tantric sex as a means of experiencing our connection to the Divine. Prince’s experience with these principles in his own life is what drove his uber-prolific creative output and his musical genius. Not only did he create a countless number of hits spanning across decades, but right now there are literally thousands of songs in the vault at Paisley Park that the world has never heard. He was kept awake for days at a time by his creative impulses. His embrace of the sexual energy that drives all of creation made him a creative juggernaut the likes of which we have never seen before and likely will never see again.

Prince turned all of society’s conditioning surrounding sex on its head and stepped on it with his high heels. Prince loved women on a level that most men cannot fathom. He appreciated the power of the feminine so much that he adopted it into his own life and his artistic persona. A woman who had sex with Prince said, “He was the most patient man I’ve ever been with. And the most complicated in terms of being in bed with. The most sensitive, the most androgynous, the most balance of male-female energy. He was the closest thing that I’d had to having a woman.”

Prince was a Tantra man of the highest order. In this inaugural edition of the Grand Trine newsletter, we have been given the gift of a recent Ancestor who we can confidently canonize as the Patron Saint of Sacred Sexuality. We can look to the example of Prince as a testament of the power of what liberated sexual energy can do in the world. And we have his music as a virtually never-ending soundtrack to play in the background of our bringing intense pleasure into the world. Let us stand together underneath the Purple Rain and Do It All Night. God wants us to.

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