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So let’s get back into the Tree of Life. In our last piece here, we dug into the first sphere on the Tree of Life which is Sphere 0, known as Amen. Amen deals with the state of God/Humanity in “the beginning”, our qualities of being unconditioned, unprogrammed, undifferentiated, and having unshakeable inner peace. Spheres 1 through 3 describe God’s attributes of being all-knowing, all-powerful, and ever-present (Ausar, Tehuti, and Sekert). The explanation of these spheres shows how humanity taps into these attributes. It’s immeasurably important to understand that human beings are the vehicle through which God experiences him/her/itself. There is no separation between God and human beings. The only thing that prevents us from being able to use the powers of God is the separation that we imagine to exist between God and ourselves. It is a false belief that prevents us from being fully human, which means to be fully divine.

Spheres 4 and 5 on the Tree of Life are called Maat and Herukhuti. Maat refers to the laws of nature. A major principle expressed by Maat is that everything in the universe is connected to everything else in the universe. “No man is an island” so to speak. To be in accordance with Maat is to understand how your thoughts, words, and actions are going to affect everything else that you are connected to. When we don’t understand our interconnectedness then we attempt to solve problems in ways that create new problems.

In the 20th century, the largest producers of food sought to develop ways to produce more food, at lower prices, in order to keep up with the demands of growing populations and increase their profits. Their solution was to popularize food processing. Benefits of food processing include toxin removal, preservation, easing marketing and distribution tasks, and increasing food consistency. In addition, it increases yearly availability of many foods, enables transportation of delicate perishable foods across long distances and makes many kinds of foods safe to eat by de-activating spoilage and pathogenic micro-organisms. Modern supermarkets would not exist without modern food processing techniques, long voyages would not be possible and military campaigns would be significantly more difficult and costly to execute.

There are downfalls to this phenomenon of food processing. Processed foods provide lots of calories with little nutrition, they are addictive, and they contain dangerous additives. There is a direct correlation between the rise in the amount of processed foods and the rate of obesity and diseases that are closely related to obesity. These foods are literally killing people. I don’t know if the scientists and corporate executives who originally created food processing were aware of the possible fallout from what they created but I doubt that most people would’ve agreed to adopt the new Standard American Diet (SAD) if they had fully understood the ramifications. This is what we run into when we don’t properly respect Maat.

Maat reminds us that everything is connected and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Actions have consequences. When we ignore Maat then we are forced to deal with Herukhuti. Sphere 5 of the Tree represents that aspect of Spirit from which Divine/Natural Law is “enforced.” The wrath of God (punishment) is exercised through this faculty, as is the love of God in its protective aspect. There is a balancing logic at work here. There is no law without means of enforcement; therefore Herukhuti is needed to complement Maat.

These deities are not beings up in the skies somewhere that control the fate of us lowly humans. These are faculties within us and within nature that are always at work in our lives and our success or failure is determined by how cognizant we are of the existence of these principles. Herukhuti represents the natural consequences of our actions. If you put a bunch of carbon into the atmosphere then you will destroy the ozone layer and allow more of the sun’s ultraviolet rays to penetrate our bodies. That is especially troublesome for people who don’t have darkly pigmented skin. If you respond to polluted drinking water by consuming countless numbers of plastic water bottles and then having no way to get rid of the plastic then you have fixed one pollution issue by creating another. Maat and Herukhuti are on the Tree of Life to remind us to consider all the different consequences of our intended actions.

This leads me to a somewhat controversial point that I must make: there is no such thing as “right” and “wrong”. Right and Wrong are concepts that assume the existence of a (paternal) deity who has a strict agenda and punishes us for going against His wishes. This type of deity doesn’t exist in reality. The Universe doesn’t have preferences. Again, Amen represents unconditioned, unprogrammed, total darkness. Amen simply wants to experience the potential of what is within the darkness. There is no preconceived agenda of how things are supposed to go. Anyone who properly understands the laws of success can achieve their goals whether they aim to feed the hungry or make a billion dollars or enslave a whole nation of people. These things are all within the realm of possibility.

Right and wrong are relative to your goals. If you decide that your goal is to gain ten pounds of muscle, then inherent within the goal there are things that you should do and things that you shouldn’t do. You should do some strength training, you should eat small meals to keep your metabolism high, and you shouldn’t eat a lot of sugary and fatty foods. But if you decide that your goal is to learn how to levitate then you are going to have a completely different set of rules to live by. And the goal is different for every single person on the planet because we are all born with a different life path, based on the unique talents and gifts that we are born with. What is right for one person is not necessarily going to be right for another person. One size does not fit all.

In our pursuit of success in life, it is incumbent on us to first define what success means for us. That includes figuring out what our goals are. Whatever means we use to figure out our path be it oracle readings or personality tests or the advice of our loved ones, we have to decide on a goal. Once we know the goal then we can study what the interconnected parts are of the goal. If I desire to become a professional basketball player then that goal includes repercussions for what kind of diet I eat, what my daily schedule is, who I choose to be friends with, where I go to school, and many other things. Only a person who understands my goal of being a professional basketball player is qualified to tell me what is right or wrong for me. So we have to be careful who we listen to and what ideas we choose to accept about morals and ethics. If we neglect to fully honor Maat (understand the consequences of our actions) then Herukhuti will soon come to punish us for our lack of reverence…



Mind and Matter


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The word cosmogony means: “a theory of the origin of the universe, the study of the origin and development of the universe or of a particular system in the universe, such as the solar system”. Among all the different nations, tribes, languages, and cultures of the people of Africa, the traditional African religions have a shared cosmogony. One of the reasons that this is so is because there is a priesthood that has members among all the different African tribes, that dates back to a priest of Isis (Auset) during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu, the 3rd dynasty (3900 BCE) builder of the Great Pyramid in Egypt (Kemet).

The members of this Kemetic priesthood encapsulated their cosmogony in a diagram known as the Tree of Life (pictured above). The Tree of Life is a diagram of the process through which God creates the world, humanity, and humanity’s sojourn in the world. The Tree consists of eleven spheres, numbered from zero to 10. Sphere 0 is at the top, and is depicted as being “above” the tree. It depicts and corresponds to the state of God and of existence before the creation of the thingly, phenomenal world. In the Kemetic tradition, this aspect of God was known variously as Amen, Atum, Aten, Nu, and Nut.

In this edition of COMPLETE CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE, I want to deal with a particular aspect of the cosmogony represented by the Tree of Life. In the Beginning, before Time and before Space and before the Big Bang, there was darkness. There were two things present within the darkness: Mind and Matter. Only 5% of the universe is composed of what we normally think of as Matter, which is physical objects that can be seen by the human eye. 95% of the universe is still composed of this Dark Matter which existed in the beginning, cannot be directly observed, but is the stuff that all observable Matter came out of. Along with the Matter in the beginning was Mind. There was a consciousness in the darkness that was aware of its own existence but wasn’t able to know anything about itself because it had nothing to compare itself to. The reason we know that there is such a thing as “tall” is because we have some experience of a thing called “short”. We know “happy” because we can compare it to “sad”. Nothing can be known without having some experience of its opposite. So this original Mind or Consciousness, which is what most people refer to as “God”, decided that it wanted to experience itself. But it was the only thing in existence. So it had to separate itself into different phenomena that could be compared to each other so that it could learn what it was made of. This original separation is what science calls The Big Bang. It was God starting the process of learning about him/her/itself.

Our Ancestors thousands of years ago knew about these things that modern science has just discovered and they explained it through their mythology. I won’t go into the mythology at this time but one aspect of it was the Tree of Life. Sphere 0 at the top of the Tree represents the Amen state of undifferentiated potential. This state is not just relegated to the beginning of the universe. It is still present at the deepest part of everything in existence. Our most basic nature, the most fundamental part of ourselves is Amen. Deepak Chopra says this in his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”:

The source of all creation is pure consciousness…pure potentiality seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. And when we realize that our true Self is one of pure potentiality, we align with the power that manifests everything in the universe.

            As human beings, we are little microcosms of the universe. We contain the same stuff that makes up everything else around us and we come into being in the same way that everything else around us does. This is why it is true that we can master the whole universe by mastering ourselves. That Mind that sought to experience itself in the beginning of existence is the same Mind that forms the basis of our existence. We are the primary vehicle by which the God experiences him/her/itself. We have a unique level of self-awareness which causes us to ponder such things as “what is the meaning of life?” and “what is my purpose?” We are the Mind of God and the Mind of God is us. At our most fundamental level, we are simply Mind and Matter. Now what practical lessons for life can we gain from this?

            Mind can be separated into two basic divisions: Consciousness and Will. Consciousness represents the passive polarity, and Will the active polarity, of the same essential quality. The principle of Matter may be seen as a continuum, which may more properly be called Energy/Matter, because “matter” in the strict sense is but one extreme of that continuum, being “energy-slowed-down.” Implicit in that notion is the fact known to Western science at least since Einstein, namely that energy and matter are mutually transmutable. As reflected at Sphere 0 above the Tree, the essential quality of Mind is a state of bliss, peace, hetep, the Kemetic word for a state of unshakable inner peace. The essential quality of Matter, at Sphere 0, in the state of Amen, is that of pure Potential, which means there is as yet no motion, [Note: The Hindu word nirvana also characterizes the state of Amen, and means, literally, “no motion” (nir = “no” + vana = “motion”).] no vibration, no “things”, therefore no space, and no time. There is also no light, since light is a vibration, and there is no motion.

            So, our experiences in life are perceived by our five senses which fall under the Matter side of things. Most people mistakenly believe that our minds are shaped by our experiences. However, the Tree of Life allows us to see that our basic nature is pure potential which goes along with our minds being completely unconditioned and not programmed. Our basic state is a blank slate. And we can use the faculty of Mind to choose how we want to perceive anything taken in by the material five senses. Mind and Matter are separate. There is absolutely no obligation on the Mind to feel any particular way about a material experience. And as we go further down the spheres in the Tree of Life we discover that in fact, our minds attract our material experience. The energy broadcast coming from the Mind attracts things from the Matter side to us that match the frequency of the thoughts coming from the Mind. So we create everything that we experience, and if we don’t like our experience then we can choose a different one. We can Will something different into our existence by changing the quality of our Consciousness.

More on this at a later time…Peace.

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled…


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(In this edition of COMPLETE CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE I want present to some, and introduce to others, a young lady by the name of Teal Scott. What follows here is a short bio for Teal and some of her own words describing what makes her unique. I’m doing this partly because I’m fascinated by her and I want to share that experience with other people; and partly because her life says a lot about my running theme of learning to view the world around us as a field of energy. And maybe one day I’ll be introducing Teal to people in person and this can serve as practice J. Check it out)

Teal was born in Santa Fe New Mexico in the year 1984.

In the first years of her life, it became apparent that she had been born with extrasensory abilities. Among these abilities she was born with were clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields and the ability to communicate with thought forms. As she grew, unlike many children born with extrasensory abilities, her gifts did not go away. 

Her parents, who were both Wilderness Rangers, later accepted a job in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest of Utah, not knowing at the time about the intensely religious climate of the location. Word of her abilities got out very quickly and were not only frowned upon but feared by many in the religious community. It was because of Teal’s extrasensory abilities that she was inducted as a child into a local cult by a family acquaintance, where she was routinely ritualistically tortured and programmed for a period of thirteen years.

She managed to escape from the cult when she was 19 years old. Since then, Teal has become a “spiritual catalyst” both accepting and utilizing her abilities to remind people of the united, energetic nature of this universe and to teach people how to find bliss in the midst of even the most extreme circumstances.

(Below are Teal’s own words about herself, with some slight editing by me)

… the beauty of individual perspective. You and I could be calling the exact same color yellow when in reality we are seeing drastically different colors but calling it by the same name. I did not figure out until I was in elementary school that other people were not seeing the same things that I was seeing. My parents were alarmed by my hypersensitivity and took me to doctors. But those doctors did not see my extrasensory talents as talents, they saw them as disorders. I was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder (both sensory over sensitivity and sensory modulation disorder). And it was not until I was 24 that I began talking to people to try to actually decipher what I perceive that is different from how/what other people perceive. Here is (to my current standing) what I perceive that is unlike how others perceive…

  1. I see everything that is, not as if it is a solid object but as if it is a “vibration”. To me, the amplitude and frequency of energy, is what determines how (in what form) that energy will express itself. Everything in the universe is made of moving energy (what I call vibration). And everything that vibrates imparts or impacts information. This “vibration” is what determines in what form energy will manifest. Physical things are just expressions, so solid objects are more or less an illusion that I do not have.


  1. I see Auras, which are thought forms both transmitting and receiving information to and from the physical structure they are associated with (such as a body). To me, an aura exhibits shapes, colors, textures, hues, sounds, patterns and emanates light. Any or all of these characteristics of an aura tell me valuable information about the physical person or thing the aura is associated with. They can at times tell me a nearly complete story of who you are. An aura will respond to a thought and change its characteristics to match that thought. They are also highly receptive to interaction, so I can use my own energetic field to manipulate the energy fields of others to help them to heal (like practitioners of Reiki are taught to do). Energy fields are as easy to feel for me with my hands as water is to most people.


  1. I see thought forms. Which are thoughts which have enough inherent energy that they become a configuration, shape or visual appearance and may manifest in a non-static way. There are traditionally three types of thought forms: #1. Energy which takes the image of the thinker, #2. Energy which takes the image of a material object, and #3. Energy which takes a form entirely its own, expressing its qualities in the matter which it draws round it. So, I can see and interact and communicate with “Entities” (what you call ghosts), “Guides”, “Angels”. It is also due to this ability that I can and have acted as a “spirit medium”.


  1. I can see life paths. This basically means I can see the future. But future is not decided. What I am seeing is what outcome is a match to the current state (which doesn’t often change, because thought patterns are habitual). Information present within energy in its potential state expresses itself based on thought/intention which is a preliminary thing to physical structure. So, if a person were able to change their thoughts, their entire physical reality would shift and so would their “future”. Because of this, I often see and emotionally feel collective future as well. I have prophetic visions and dreams. In my past I have had trouble with this, even to the point of having seizures in the days leading up to a natural disaster, man-made catastrophe or a war.


  1. I have a hyper sensitive sense of hearing. I can hear tectonic plates moving. I’m sure you’re a familiar with how the tide is pulled by the gravity of the moon. What people don’t understand is that the gravity of the moon affects everything, not just water, it pulls at the earth too, and I can hear it. Full moons are very, very loud to me. I hate the sound of cotton balls (a sound I gather many people can’t hear). People talking in other rooms which would be inaudible to many, is not inaudible to me. I have hearing which is able to pick up the extremely high frequency of thought forms so I have clairaudience. In other words I can hear thought forms.


  1. I do not see negative space (what many people call air). Instead, everything looks like energy with no spaces in between. Every energy field bleeds into every other energy field creating one huge existence of inter-being. And because of this, I perceive how everything that is, effects everything else that is. Metaphorically, a pebble dropped into this energy that makes up all that is would create ripples that affected the entire field. The only reason humans seldom consciously perceive it that way is because sensory organs (like sight and taste and touch) give people the impression of objects being solid and finite with a boundary of separation between them and other things.


  1. To most people, skin is a finite boundary where the body stops. To me, the skin is a certain point of density within the energy that is making up a human. I can see impressions of what is below the skin. So, when I meet a person, I am able to see their bones, organs, nerves, veins etc. I am also able to see the energy channels within a body (which have been labeled by some as chakras and meridians). So, I can see where a person’s energy is not flowing properly and what physical ailments they have. I can also often see the vibration that is leading to the “WHY” they have the particular energy blockage or physical ailment.


  1. Because I literally see vibrations, I have the ability to attain impressions from a physical object, such as an object’s history or the emotions associated with it. In myself, this particular ability manifests most often in images I get off of the object and in emotions I feel directly as a result of the vibration I am picking up from the object.


  1. I astral plane very easily and instantaneously. I used to have the problem of doing this spontaneously. I had no control of it at first. To “astral plane” is the act of consciously or subconsciously shifting consciousness from the perception of physical to the perception of non-physical which is unlimited by distance and time. Because of this, I am sometimes able to practice remote viewing.


  1. I have an open and conscious connection to my higher self. I did not lose awareness of this connection or ability to communicate with my higher self during childhood (even when I chose to ignore it). Because of this, I did not lose memory of what WAS before I came into this life and what WILL BE upon death. I came into this life endowed with objective universal truth, much of which certain subjective, individual truths are in direct opposition of.


  1. If I calm my mind, I have access to the Akashic record. The Akashic record is the totality of information about all that ever was and is, which is encoded in the non-physical plane of existence, also referred to as the mind of god. It is a collection of unlimited information which can be accessed from the state of Source-like consciousness such as when one is in meditation, while astral planning or under hypnosis. Accessing the Akashic record allows for omniscience. This means I (depending on my state) have accurate awareness of past lives. It is a form of retro cognition.


  1. I can perceive these same things I perceive with humans, with animals as well. So, I can commune with animals and the direct physical language barrier does not prohibit connection or understanding.


  1. I have Synesthesia. A neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

I think for a brief overview, that about covers it

Gon’ Brush Your Shoulders Off


Soundtrack: Jay-Z – “Dirt on Your Shoulders”

Beyoncé – “Bow Down/I Been On”

So, I posted this on Facebook yesterday: I might write a blog about Beyoncé. Every other post on my timeline being about her is annoying me. She got so many haters from so many different perspectives. But the thing that bothers me the most is the people saying she’s setting a bad example for young girls by telling her music industry rivals to “bow down, bitches”. But her husband, who chills with the Obamas right along with her, doesn’t get any flack for balling so hard mufuccas wanna fine him. Why can Jay say whatever he wants but Bey has to stay prissy and proper? I call bullshit”

Now that I’m a little less annoyed, I can elaborate on the thinking behind that statement. There are two points that I want to bring up in relation to this subject. Let me start off by saying that I’m not a huge Beyoncé fan. I don’t listen to her music on my own, although I certainly don’t mind hearing it on the radio or when I’m out somewhere. The sister makes great songs; they’re just not the style of music that I generally choose to listen to. I am a huge fan of Jay-Z. He gets my vote for greatest emcee of all time. That doesn’t mean he’s my favorite emcee; he’s not in my top three favorite emcees. But if I put on my Hip Hop scholar hat and look at the subject objectively, I believe that his skill set in all areas of what makes an emcee great is better than the skill set of any other individual emcee that we have seen thus far. I’m also not a big personal fan of the Obamas so the Carter Family’s personal relationship with the President and First Lady doesn’t affect me like it does some other people.

I’ve spoken before here at COMPLETE CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE about the suppression of femininity. This Beyoncé debate is a real life illustration of how women are forced into a small box with a glass ceiling in today’s world. I juxtaposed Bey with Jay because it is easy to see that Jay is allowed the freedom to be many different things. He openly acknowledges that he was a drug dealer before he started his music career. He wasn’t able to get a record deal so he started his own record label to promote and market his music. He later became the president and CEO of the historic Def Jam Records during his brief “retirement” as a recording artist. He has been a celebrity spokesperson for several major brands including Hewlett Packard and Budweiser. He owns hotels, restaurants, liquors, clothing lines, the highly esteemed chain of 40/40 upscale sports bars, and a chunk of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. And he still makes music with references to drug selling and plenty of four letter words including a heavy dosage of the b-word that his wife is currently being maligned for using.

I think that’s a good thing. Like most human beings, Jay is interested in many different things. And he explores his interests freely. The song that Beyoncé recently released is an example of her exploring her interests. She released a couplet of songs that have the sound and feel of the Houston Hip Hop that she grew up listening to. And people are reacting as if she slapped their mama. How dare she tell other women to bow down? How dare she use the word bitch? Well the word bitch is a subject for another day but I wonder how many of the people complaining about her using it have used the word themselves?

The underlying implication in the complaints about Beyoncé’s word usage or demeanor is that she is only allowed to be one way, all the time. She can’t step outside of the squeaky clean, Disney type image that her team has created for her since she was a teenage superstar or else she’s committing an abomination. Beyoncé is 30 years old. She’s an accomplished professional woman with a daughter and a husband. Should she not be allowed to be herself, at least just once? Of course not, because women are not supposed to be that bold and brazen. They should remain delicate and vulnerable. Apparently Beyoncé doesn’t agree with that. And I don’t either. If people didn’t believe deep down that men have rights that women don’t have then this subject wouldn’t even be discussed.

My second point is that Beyoncé has released these new songs as homage to the neighborhood that she grew up in. She is from the Third Ward on the south side of Houston, Texas. The same community that produced the legendary DJ Screw who is known all over the world for his slowed down music. Screw’s “screwed and chopped” (which means slowed down and repeating certain portions for effect) mixtapes became so popular that they came to be known as Screw Tapes. Beyoncé grew up in the height of Screw’s popularity and there is black girl or black boy who grew up in Texas, especially in Houston, who hasn’t loudly and proudly sung songs about being from that H-Town, coming down and dripping candy on the ground (candy referring to “candy paint” on cars which is glossy and seems to change colors in the sun).      

Some people have simply said that they don’t like “Bow Down/I Been On”. In judging the artistic merits of it, especially for those who think it’s poorly arranged, it’s important to understand that it’s really two different songs. “Bow Down” is one song, produced by Hit-Boy. “I Been On” is a different song, produced by Timbaland and Polow Da Don. They were put out together because they share a similar theme. And it’s not intended to be an artistic masterpiece. This is music in the same vein of the Screw Tapes. Most of the lyrics on Screw’s music were freestyled, off the top of the head, by some very skilled lyricists. It was good enough to be recorded and released to the public; but it certainly wasn’t treated with the need for perfection that would mark your typical Michael Jackson record, or a Beyoncé record. It’s about the tempo and the melody and how well you can brag about yourself. That’s the nature of the genre. If you judge the song by any other standard then you miss the point. This is Beyoncé, for once in her life, speaking as a girl from the hood.

There have always been people within the Black community who are ashamed and afraid for our true culture to be exposed to the world. We try to so hard to assimilate into the mainstream and we don’t want anyone to know that we get drunk and talk real loud and slam dominoes and play the dozens when there is nobody around but us. But this is who we are. This shame is the reason why the so-called Black leaders have never made an effort to celebrate the music that comes from the ghetto and find a way for our people to benefit from it. Since the beginning of recorded music 100 years ago, people outside of our community have seen more material benefit from our music than we have. Because the most popular music from the black community has always been music that reflects the ghetto side of us more than the aspirational striver side of us, with a few notable exceptions. So other people have gotten the benefit of the popularity of Jazz and R&B and Rock ‘n Roll and Funk and Hip Hop. We’re still ashamed to be ourselves in front of other people. Shout out to Beyoncé for taking the risk and showing us this side of her.  



Let Me Tap into Your Energy


Soundtrack: Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek “Memories Live”

Everyone has heard of the word “aura”. Most people could give a fairly good explanation of what the word means. However, most people in modern society have never experienced just how real the aura is and we therefore have little clue on how to use it. It’s the equivalent of being born with two perfectly good arms but only using one for your whole life and having no idea of how easier you can make your life by using your other arm.  

An aura is an electromagnetic field that emits from any living thing. It is comprised of many layers, with each aura layer having its own function or role. An aura is not separate from the physical body but is an extension of it with a slightly different composition. I like to think of our aura as being like the human body’s “atmosphere”.  Most of our atmosphere is located close to the earth’s surface where it is most dense. The air of our planet is 79% nitrogen and just under 21% oxygen; the small amount remaining is composed of carbon dioxide and other gasses. There are five distinct layers of the earth’s atmosphere. By observing patterns of the wind, temperature, air flow and pressure, it allows for accurate predictions of stormy weather between different zones. People trust the insight from this system of feedback to predict what the temperature will be, what clothes to wear, and what activities to plan. All of this information can be detected through observation of atmospheric changes.

Human auras are similar – the aura layers relay specific feedback between our physical body and its functioning systems, our mental and emotional states of being, and they exchange information with other auras that we interact with. Using the aura as a more direct way to gauge health has been snubbed in the past because auras were not readily seen or were still thought of by many as mythical apparitions. It is time for that to change. Our future as a species and our health and happiness as individuals is dependent on our coming to realize that we are energetic beings and we are connected to everything else around us because we are made of energy. 

Everyone has also heard of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, part of which states that “E=mc(squared)”. He showed the folks of western science back in 1905 that the worlds of matter and energy are not separate, that in fact everything is composed of energy. Matter is just dense energy; and when matter is exploded apart it unleashes huge amounts of hidden energy. This finding revolutionized the world of science. But this information wasn’t new to most of the world.

Ancient people understood that all things are composed of energy. The Chinese called this all-pervading energy “chi”, the Hindus called it “prana”, the Japanese called it “ki”. And these ancient people spent thousands of years studying this energy, how it works, how it feels, and what can be done with it. The aura is sometimes called the “energy body”. The energy body is generally considered to have seven layers with the physical body we can see being the densest of the seven layers. The energy body also encompasses the seven energy centers in the body called chakras as well as the energy pathways within the body called meridians or nadis. There are also seven psychic centers within the brain that correspond to the seven chakras within the body. What might be the most important part of the energy body is the core, known as the pillar or tower or sushumna. A very important type of energy called kundalini travels up this tower which runs from the base of the spine up to the brain. On either side of the tower there are two major energy pathways that the Vedic (Indian) tradition calls ida and pingala. The endocrine gland system is like the interface between the physical body and the energy body; the endocrine system is where they meet and communicate between the two parts.

How do we know any of this stuff to be true? One thing we have to realize is that most people throughout history and even today have had very different lifestyles than what we’re accustomed to in America and in the West. Most people have much more leisure time than we’re accustomed to and therefore more time to ponder the subtleties of life. If you get quiet, and still, you notice things about yourself and about your surroundings that you never pay attention to when you’re just going from one task to the next all day every day.

You might notice that when you are in close proximity to someone you dislike the energy is tense. When you are next to someone you are attracted to you feel a sexual energy. The energy you feel sitting in a jail cell is different than the energy you’d feel at the beach. When some people walk into a room you can feel their energy. When you walk into a party or a club you can “feel” the energy. Some people give you energy; some people take it, and so on. For yogis and monks who spend hours every day meditating and continue this for years and decades, they gain insights far beyond those that I’ve just listed. You can experience this for yourself by playing with your hands. 

Briskly rub your hands together warming them up. As soon as you can feel the heat in your palms (this will take about thirty seconds or so), hold your hands palm to palm, lining up the fingers. Now slowly begin to pull your hands away from each other until you feel a push or a pull sensation (some people feel one, while other people feel the other), it will feel like when you put magnets together in science class. This will occur when your hands are anywhere from two to eight inches apart. The electromagnetism you feel between your hands is your aura or energy body. You can feel the same thing if you place your hands near another person. Have a partner lay on their back, rub your hands together like before, place your hand about a foot over their stomach, and slowly lower your hand until you begin to feel that magnetic push or pull sensation. You are feeling that person’s energy body. There are a ton of things you can do with and for people once you learn to tap into their energy in this way. I’ll get into doing energy work in a subsequent writing. If you try these techniques, please let me know how it works out for you. I’d love to hear your experiences.

Until next time…Peace.

Haiti and the African Union

Soundtrack: Lauryn Hill “Everything is Everything”

            I’m trying to get back to talking about energy and sex and meditation and such – but I had to take one more detour to address Haiti and the African Union. In June 2013, Haiti will go from Observer status to a full Associate Member state of the African Union at the next African Union summit in Malawi. Haiti will be the first state from Africa’s diaspora to become a fully recognized member of the African Union. Many people are lauding this as a sign that the black race is coming together, Africa is strengthening, and Haiti’s myriad of woes will be solved. I’m not so sure about that.

            As a Pan Africanist, there is nothing that would make me happier than Haiti and other black countries joining a united and dignified Africa for the betterment of all African people on the planet. But history makes me limit my enthusiasm about these moves. The African Union (AU) was founded in 2002. It is and was the successor/replacement for the Organization of African Unity that was founded in 1963 and was comprised of almost every country in Africa. When the AU took shape in 2002 it was supposed to be the beginning of forming the “United States of Africa” wherein all African countries would relinquish their nationhood and become states in the one nation of Africa. In 2013, we are scarcely any closer to that becoming reality than we were when it was adopted as just an idea 11 years ago.

            At that time, the AU convened a series of meetings of economists to chart the economic future of the continent. Some economists from the Americas who were privileged to be in these meetings suggested that Africa needed to establish a central bank backed by gold and filled with the proceeds from taking control of the continent’s vast natural resources which were in the hands of multinational corporations from the United States and Europe as well as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). There were regional blocs set up to facilitate this process of uniting the continent into one nation. The different countries would first come together as the east, west, south, central, and north regional blocs and those regions would be brought together as one nation.

            Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was one of the strongest voices advocating for the establishment of the African Union at the turn of the millennium. In 2009, he was selected to serve a one year term as head of the organization that he helped to establish and provided much of the financing for. He used his influence within the organization to take up the cause of establishing the African central bank and an African currency backed by gold. This move would have had a tremendous negative impact on those countries and corporations in the west that are accustomed to having access to Africa’s natural resources on terms that are very favorable to them and not so favorable to the people of Africa. With the NATO invasion of Libya and the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, we see the ultimate result of those plans.

            Haiti is a very, very complex situation and difficult to summarize quickly. In 1492, the first island that Christopher Columbus landed on was Hispaniola, which is made up of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Approximately 300 years later, Haiti became the first nation involved in the African slave trade where the slaves overthrew their enslavers and declared the independence of themselves and their country.

In a bizarre turn of events, France succeeded in forcing Haiti to pay them reparations for overthrowing French rule and declaring independence. This ruined the economy of the brand new nation. In 1806, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, one of Haiti’s two main liberators and the new country’s emperor, was assassinated and Haiti divided into a black-controlled north and a mulatto-ruled south. A decade later the mulattos prevailed and unified Haiti, excluding blacks from power. In 1915, the United States took advantage of Haiti’s infighting and invaded the tiny country, maintaining absolute economic control in Haiti for the next 35 years. In 1956, Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier seized power in a military coup. He declared himself president for life, which was until 1971, and then his son Baby Doc took over as president for life. In 1990, Haiti finally got its first ever democratically elected president in Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He was ousted in a coup a year later by the military. That started an avalanche of political and economic turmoil that lasted for all of the 90s until 2000 when Aristide was able to run for office again and become president for a second time.

In 2004, Aristide was kidnapped by the United States military and forced into exile in South Africa. A seemingly never-ending barrage of tropical storms, flooding, epidemics, food riots, the earthquake, etc., etc. Haiti is in bad shape. But Haiti’s condition is not unlike that of many countries which are already member states of the African Union. So it is illogical to assume that joining the AU is going to be the solution to all of Haiti’s problems. There is intense poverty and suffering going on in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Niger, Sierra Leone; the list really goes on and on. In fact, of the 20 poorest nations on Earth, Haiti and Afghanistan are the only two that aren’t in the African Union. How is this possible with Africa being the most minerally rich continent on the planet?

There are a whole lot of valid answers to that question, but I think it boils down to this. There are people outside of Africa who have a blood-thirst for Africa’s natural resources and there are influential people and heads of state on the African continent who are more than willing to sell out the best interests of their people to get a few crumbs from the colonizers’ table. In these dirt-poor countries with gold and oil and uranium and diamonds underneath their feet, a handful of families live like kings while the rest of the people starve. If the African people are ever to benefit from their own resources in the way that they should, these foreign powers have to be kicked out (starting with the United States military) and these sellout so-called leaders have to be removed along with their families and all of their close friends. Africa has a cancer of greed and betrayal that has to be cut out in order for the body to live. I’m vastly oversimplifying the continent but I stand by what I have said here. I’ll leave it at that for now. I appreciate the symbolic message of Haiti joining the African Union and I pray for our ancestors to assist us in solving these problems.


I Still Represent The Nation


Soundtrack: A Tribe Called Quest “Lyrics To Go”

I want to take a break from the regularly scheduled program here at COMPLETE CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGE to talk about my influences. Today is February 24, 2013. On February 22nd, we observed the birthday of the man who was born in 1928 as Clarence Smith, later came to be known as Clarence 13X, and was referred to by his students as the Father, Allah. On February 26th is the birth date of the man known as Master Fard Muhammad, who taught the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and charged him with building the Nation of Islam. This weekend, culminating in today, the Nation of Islam celebrated its annual Saviours’ Day convention in honor of Master Fard Muhammad.

These men are the reason that I’m alive and free to walk the streets today. Their message saved me in the mid-90’s, in my mid-teens, from a lifestyle that was sure to end in prison or an early death. And the soundtrack to the whole story was rap music coming out of the culture that we call Hip Hop. In reflecting on what these men and their message have meant to me, I was inspired to give some explanation of why I think the way that I do. Allow me to speak on a bit of history.

In 1963, Clarence 13X departed from the ranks of the Nation of Islam in New York City where he was a member under Minister Malcolm X. He had a mission in his heart to take the lessons of the Nation of Islam, which had been kept secret among initiated members of the group, and to share them freely among the youth of Harlem. The message in those lessons, in a nutshell, was and is that the Black man is God. Clarence 13X came to be known as Allah after he began his mission, with his followers calling him Father Allah. Father Allah met with tremendous success in spreading his message to “the babies”. I won’t go into too much detail about that at this time.

In 1965, Malcolm X was assassinated by members of the Nation of Islam in a plot hatched and orchestrated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The man chosen to be his replacement over the Nation of Islam in New York City was Louis X, now known as Louis Farrakhan. These two men, Father Allah and Louis Farrakhan had very, very significant influence on the thinking of the young men and women of New York at that time. In 1968, Father Allah was shot and killed. His followers did not allow his death to be in vain. They spread his message to their contemporaries with renewed fervor. That year 1968 marked a turning point in black history within these United States of America.

The FBI’s Counterintelligence Program (CoIntelPro) stepped up its efforts to destroy any black leader and any black organization that had the potential to unite our people around the determined idea of achieving freedom. There were many assassinations all across the country and it really marked the beginning of the end for the strong black leadership of that day. Fast forward to the mid 1970’s. Black communities across the country are experiencing a vacuum of leadership, depleted budgets for our schools, parks, arts programs, and community centers and newly developed housing projects that stacked us on top of each other like sardines. The young people of the Bronx developed a new way to party, a new way to dress, a new way to speak, a new culture, and they called it Hip Hop.

Hip Hop was born out of the spirit of desolation and desperation that these communities were feeling. The youth didn’t have training to play musical instruments so they learned how to turn the turntable and their own mouths into instruments and breathed new life into the R&B and disco jams that their parents loved. There was one man who had more of an impact than anyone else on the ideological basis of this new culture. His name is Afrika Bambaataa. He was a former gang leader who was able to steer not just the members of his own gang but rival gangs also into creating a new organization dedicated to peace and fun. That organization is called the Universal Zulu Nation. There are two things about Afrika Bambaataa’s personality that were forever stamped into the fabric of what makes Hip Hop what it is.

First is that Bambaataa was heavily influenced by the ideas of Louis Farrakhan, Father Allah, and another Islamic teacher known at the time as Imaam Isa Abdullah, now more commonly known as Malachi York. The lessons studied by members of the Zulu Nation are formatted much like the lessons studied by the Nation of Islam and Nation of Gods and Earths (the current name of the group founded by Father Allah). Bambaataa really filtered those lessons to a much wider audience in a style more palatable to them than the way the Muslims and Gods presented it. Another legacy from Bambaataa on Hip Hop culture is Bambaataa’s vast musical tastes. He was a DJ, and one of the best of his era. And he was willing to play songs from any genre in the world and find a way to make his young listeners like it. His broad taste influences Hip Hoppers to this day to be willing to experiment with influences from all over the world in the areas of fashion, music, politics, and all other walks of life.

Hip Hop’s “golden era” is generally considered to span from 1988 until 1994. That era in the music’s history was marked by a transition from songs primarily about partying and lighthearted boasting into a more serious time heavily influenced by the ideas of the Nation of Islam and the Nation of Gods and Earths. It was as if the seeds planted by Islam in the New York of the late 60s sprouted and bore fruit among the New York raised rappers twenty years later in the late 80s. Acts like Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions, X-Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane, and many many others brought the revolutionary spirit of the 60s into a new era with driving bass lines and catchy melodies and exported that spirit to the whole world. This is the era that produced me.

When economics, politics, and good ole fashioned government conspiracy came together to change the direction of Hip Hop music in the mid-90s, I began to come into my own as a revolutionary Islamic thinker and rap artist. And today I still feel it’s my duty to carry on that golden era legacy. I carry the spirit of Hip Hop culture into everything that I do. In the immortal words of the BlastMaster KRS-ONE, “I am Hip Hop”. Everything that I do is Hip Hop. I write Hip Hop ballads. I write Hip Hop blogs. I eat a Hip Hop diet. I have Hip Hop sex. I raise Hip Hop children. There is no aspect of my life that isn’t affected by the culture I grew up in and the music I grew up listening to. That culture is permeated through and through by Islamic influences but it is also able to pull from any place on the planet and any walk of life and seamlessly tie it into the fabric of what we do. In that spirit, my personal spiritual practice and my ideological foundation is heavily Islamic but it also includes elements of Taoism, Hinduism, Jewish Kabbalah, Kemetic philosophy, the traditions of Native America, Ethiopia, and the Khmer Empire. I think I’ve said enough about this for now. I could write a book on this subject. In fact, I was writing a book on this subject at one time. But I scrapped it because KRS-ONE wrote and released a book saying basically the exact same message that I wanted to convey. No sense in reinventing the wheel. And because I’m Hip Hop, I didn’t want to be accused of biting KRS-ONE’s style by releasing a book almost identical to his after he already had his out. So Happy Saviours’ Day and Peace to man, woman, and child. I’m out. Until next time